Urban Mobility

Move São Paulo

Line 6- Orange is known as the Move São Paulo concessionaire is responsible for building and operating the São Paulo Subway Line 6 - Orange. With its 15 stations, the new subway line will be entirely built underground and connect the São Paulo capital's Northwest zone to its central region.

The average travel time for the entire stretch – which currently takes 90 minutes by bus – will take approximately 27 minutes. With the conclusion of Line 6, the commute of those who need to get to the city's downtown area will be faster and safer.

When it begins operating in 2020, it is expected to transport 600,000 passengers per day, including thousands of students and workers, granted than its 15.3 kilometers will pass through major commercial centers and regions in which important teaching institutions are located. Line 6-Orange will be integrated with the other subway lines (Line 1-Blue and Line 4-Yellow) and train lines (Line 7- Ruby and Line 8-Diamond).

The project has a high level of technical complexity. It will be the deepest subway line in São Paulo, with an average depth of 40 meters and with stations that can reach up to 60 meters deep.

With a planned investment of R$ 8.9 billion, Line 6 – Orange will transport more than 600,000 passengers each day. The concession will last 25 years, with six for installation and another 19 for operation and maintenance. During the installation period, the project will generate some 11,000 direct jobs, and during the operation period, another 1,000 professionals will be hired.


  • Investments

    R$ 8.9 billion

  • Period

    25-year concession (2039)

  • Region

    São Paulo/SP
    Neighborhoods: Brasilândia, Vila Cardoso, Freguesia do Ó, Lapa, Barra Funda, Pompeia, Perdizes, Higienópolis, Bela Vista and Liberdade


  • Numbers

    • 15.3 km of extension
    • 5 stations
    • 630,000 passengers transported each day
    • 23 trains
    • 11,000 jobs generated during the construction
    • 1,000 jobs generated during the operating period
  • Area of Operation

    Subway passenger transport

  • Shareholding



    Construction, operation and maintenance of 15.3 km of rails, with 15 stations


    Estações Higienópolis-Mackenzie (Linha 4-Amarela) e São Joaquim (Linha 1-Azul)


    Água Branca (Line 7 – Ruby and Line 8-Diamond)