Since 2008, Liquiport has operated two caustic soda tanks at the Vila Velha Port in Espírito Santo.

The company is developing the project for a new land terminal and a crude oil oceanic transhipment hub in the district of Barra Nova, in São Mateus, also in Espírito Santo. With a storage capacity of 300,000 cubic meters and transhipment capacity of 670,000 barrels or crude oil per day, the development will receive more than R$ 500 million and generate 800 direct jobs during the construction work and another 200 during the operation


  • Region

    Vila Velha/ES

  • Numbers

    • Liquid bulk terminal with 10,000 m³ of tankage;
    • The company is development the project in São Mateus, Espírito Santo.
  • Area of Operation

    Integrated logistics systems

  • Shareholding