Agrovia do Nordeste

Odebrecht TransPort and Agrovia will install a new sugar terminal at Dock 5 at Suape Port in Pernambuco.

With an investment of R$ 150 million, the terminal will expand and streamline the transport of sugar at the port. It is expected that the new terminal will reduce the refined sugar shipment time by 15 days. It is also expected that it will attract larger ships for cargo transport, from small vessels with the capacity for 10,000 tons to 35,000 tons.

The operation is set to begin in September 2015 and the companies will also invest to build silos at the production units for refined sugar, a higher added value product, and the bulk highway transport will guarantee improved quality control, making the sugar produced in the Northwest more competitive in the market. 


  • Investments

    R$150 million

  • Period

    25 years

  • Region

    Porto de Suape/PE

  • Numbers

    • 335 meters of extension
    • 72,500 m² of retro area
    • 5 days is the expected time required for refined sugar shipments
    • 35,000 tons is the capacity of the ships that will be able to operate at the terminal
  • Area of Operation

    Logistics Terminal

  • Shareholding