Rota das Fronteiras

Rota das Fronteiras recently began administering the PR-323 corridor between Maringá and Francisco Alves. Along its extension, it has three different names and includes the PR-323, PRC-487 and PRC-272 highways.

It is the first Public-Private Partnership (PPP) undertaken in Paraná and marks the start of the Odebrecht TransPort operations in the state. 

The concessionaire will be responsible for the maintenance and conservation of approximately 220 km, 207 km of which will be duplicated, benefitting 14 municipalities from the region. The toll charge will only begin after the duplication of each stretch has been delivered.

During the concession, R$ 3.6 billion will be invested in maintenance and conservation work, as well as in services designed for users, who will have access to monitored and safer streets, a 24-hour tow truck and first aid assistance.

During the first five years, workers will build 19 viaducts, 22 barriers, 13 pedestrian overpasses, nine bridges, as well as shoulders and bicycle paths in the urban areas.


  • Investments

    R$ 3.6 billion investment

  • Period

    30-year concession (2044)

  • Region

    Maringá, Paiçandu, Dr. Camargo, Jussara, Cia Norte, Tapejara, Cruzeiro do Oeste, Umuarama, Perobal, Cafezal do Sul, Iporã and Francisco Alves /PR

  • Numbers

    • 163 km duplicated during the first five years
    • 44 km duplicated during the 16th year of the concession
    • 29,000 vehicles use the stretch each day
    • 1,000 direct jobs generated during the construction work
    • 250 direct jobs generated during the operation phase
    • 14 municipalities covered by the PR-323 Corridor
    • 650,000 inhabitants in the region
    • 19 viaducts
    • 22 trenches
    • 13 pedestrian walkways
    • 9 bridges
    • 5 user assistance service bases
    • 5 ambulances (one with an ICU)
    • 5 lightweight tow trucks
    • 2 heavyweight tow trucks
    • 2 traffic inspection vehicles
    • 1 water truck


  • Area of Operation

    Highway concession

  • Shareholding