The Company

Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology

Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO) is a set of principles, concepts and criteria emphasizing education and work, which provides the ethical, moral and conceptual basis for the actions of members of the Odebrecht Group. It recognizes the potential in human beings, such as their willingness to serve, their capacity and desire to progress and their desire to exceed previous results. It also involves a planned delegation process, one based on trust and partnership between leaders and team members.

The TEO is the foundation of the culture of the Odebrecht Group and guides the actions of people in the various businesses, countries and cultural contexts in which they work.

This approach makes it possible to meet clients’ needs, add value to shareholder equity, reinvest achieved results, and grow on multiple fronts.

Fundamental Principles

  • Trust in people, in their capacity and desire to progress;

  • Client Satisfaction achieved by serving them with an emphasis on quality, productivity and socio-environmental responsibility;

  • Return to Shareholders and a focus on increasing their equity;

  • Partnership among members, who participate in the planning and implementation of the work, and in the results that they generat

  • Self-development of people, especially by means of Education through Work, assuring the survival, growth and perpetuity of the Group;

  • Reinvestment of results for the creation of new job opportunities and the development of communities.